“Tzeretas Bros. LTD”, which goes under the acronym “B.A.E.M.”, is a factory that mass produces brass, steel, copper, aluminum and plastic parts, as well as parts that are made to client specifications.

The parts we manufacture and sell are used in a wide variety of applications pertaining to plumbing, heating, watering and solar units, and include brass, nipples, elbows, tees, plugs, ball valves, manifolds, spirals, safety valves, ÑÅX and ÑÑ fittings, etc.
Our company is devoted to maintaining the highest possible quality of its products, and adheres to ISO 9001: 2000 quality certification standards. It utilizes advanced technology, employs a highly skilled workforce, and offers its clients liability insurance on all its products, in the unlikely event that damages occur as a result of our products.

Our business model is centered upon client satisfaction, competitive pricing, the provision of high quality products and services, the continuous improvement of our manufacturing equipment, the specialization of our workforce, and keeping a close watch on market developments. The primary objective of “Tzeretas Bros. LTD” is to maintain the long-term relationships that we have established with our existing clients, while constantly seeking out new marketing opportunities.


Our company was established in 1970 under the acronym “B.A.E.M.”, which in Greek stands for “Automatic Metal Processing Industry”, by the brothers Stylianos and Konstantinos Tzeretas.
In the beginning, the factory specialized on producing parts on behalf of other industries, but in later years its activities centered upon the mass production of brass plumbing supplies.

Today, our company produces a wide range of high-spec products that meet the market’s demanding requirements. Our headquarters are located in Peristeri (Athens), Attica, while in 1989 we expanded our operations to include our new facilities in Fyli, Attica.
The extensive experience we possess has established our company as one of the premier manufacturers of plumbing supplies, and we are consistently selected by large commercial and public sector clients as their suppliers.